COVID-19 Precautions

Due to the recent pandemic with coronavirus (COVID-19), added safety measures have been put into place! Here’s what Swoonbeam Photography has done to ensure even higher safety standards:

My studio space does not share an HVAC unit with any other businesses! A HEPA/UV/carbon filter air purifier is being used to ensure all air is deep cleaned and filtered for your sessions.

Accessibility to the studio space requires entering through three sets of doors, with no direct access to the outside of the building. Before entering into the studio, everyone is required to take off their shoes and leave them in the hallway. This will help to reduce floor contamination by microorganisms. If I am wearing shoes, they are dedicated for studio use only.

Entry floor mats are antimicrobial, as well as the large area rug in the client area.

Surfaces that come into direct human contact, to include: carpet, couches, chairs, doors, door handles, and glass are all sprayed and sanitized after each session. Carpet and upholstery are vacuumed with the use of a HEPA filter.

Because of the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and that which is available is being prioritized for healthcare workers, donning a disposable suit for each session is not something within reach at this time. However, freshly laundered clothing will be worn and put on upon arrival to the studio. A clean, washable, double layer cotton mask will be worn during newborn sessions.

As per usual, my background in nursing has always had me extra cautious when handling newborns. Before any session, a thorough hand-washing is always completed and the use of hand sanitizer is used throughout the session.

Camera and lenses will be sanitized with anti-microbial wipes before and after each session.

Toys and books will no longer be provided at the studio (please feel free to bring your own for siblings).

Coffee will still be provided via a Kuerig with disposable cups. Water bottles are also still provided.

As always, wraps, blankets, and backdrops that come into direct human contact are laundered after each session. All other props are disinfected after use.

If am sick, or have been sick within the previous 48 hours, sessions will be rescheduled as client safety is my first priority.

Requests of my Clients:

Clients are asked that they remove their footwear and wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer upon entering the studio.

No strollers are allowed into the studio.

Carseats are to be set onto the anti-microbial mat provided and any personal items such as diaper bags, purses, etc are to be either hung up or placed on the floor.

Any client or family member that has any of the following symptoms will not be allowed into the studio: cough, fever (within the past 48 hours), runny nose or those commonly associated with respiratory illnesses. The same restrictions apply to any gastrointestinal illnesses such as nausea and/or vomiting.