meet sarah

Meet Sarah!

Hello! That’s me down there, Sarah, the one behind the lens at Swoonbeam.

first, let’s back up…. my passion for photography began after the birth of my first son over twelve years ago. you have a baby, buy a camera, take an insane amount of pictures of him… now officially obsessed! i take pride in having trained with international, award winning photographers and never stop pushing myself to learn more so in return my clients can expect the best. my style is best described as earthy, rustic, ethereal and artistic, striving to be unique and true to my brand. candids and capturing moments, not poses, happen to be a favorite of mine.

random facts about me: i love coffee, sour candy, spicy food, and red wine. i have three boys. i adore animals and all things nature. i love surprises…a lot. some might describe me as outgoing, charismatic, adventurous and meticulous. i have a masters degree in nursing, which i feel brings more compassion, care,¬†and knowledge to your session. i am passionate about my work and creating art for others to treasure. forever.

all the best, sarah

If you are interested in booking, please use the contact tab above, or email sarah (at) swoonbeam (dot) com.

photo credit : twig and olive